grep ‐‐week 39

This week’s headlines in procedural generation and design: Jotun creators unveil eldritch-horror adventure Sundered This game was just announced, describing itself as ‘replayable Metroidvania’, which is another way of saying ‘I want everyone to click on my… Read More

where to begin?

Over the weekend I started hacking up the framework to my new Unity project, which is always a fun place to be.  I’ve built the core to many game systems, and the early days are full of possibilities. … Read More


The whole genesis of this blog came from my sudden desire to build a roguelike game.  Well, maybe that’s not quite right; it really started back when I first played Shadowrun on Sega Genesis (see what I did… Read More

grep ‐‐week 38

In the news each week (games industry and elsewhere) I tend to come across interesting bits related to roguelikes, procedural generation, cyberpunk, the singularity, etc.  You know, all of the important things in life.  I suppose it could… Read More

procedural metaphor

I was cleaning up my dev archive and looking through some old idea files today, and I found a note labeled ‘procgen.txt’ from a few years ago.  It had some provocative quotes from a talk that Brian Eno… Read More