grep ‐‐week 52

The theme this week is:  null sweat chummers, see you next year. CD Projekt Red receives grant for procgen research @wccftech The lo(ooooooo)ng awaited Cyberpunk 2077 maybe just got a boost towards actual existence, as CDPR takes in… Read More

anecdote: rules of fashion

Whether we realize it or not, we live in a rule-based society.  There are social norms that everyone is expected to play by.  Video games rarely leave the realms of war or fantasy — places where we can… Read More

mechanical meaning

No grep this week.  How about some incoherent ramblings instead? So I’m still catching up on this whole debate re: ‘what is a game,’ as I’m trawling through these threads. As I play more of these ‘personal games,’… Read More

grep ‐‐week 49

The theme this week is: building momentum. “As developers try to tell stories beyond the theme of ‘survival’, they’re bucking up against an increasingly archaic central mechanic.” –Lucy O’Brien Are guns in video games holding the medium back?… Read More

anecdote: changing the rules

The player explores the world and makes a discovery that has profound consequences: it might challenge the beliefs of every NPC, alter the simulated course of history, or modify core rules of the game. You wonder what the… Read More