The 7DRL challenge is halfway over.  It’s always difficult to find enough time to work on a project like this, but I’ve made some nice progress: It turns out that I had all kinds of useful working bits… Read More


After a short holiday break, it’s time to get rolling once again.  Just in time for this year’s Seven-Day Roguelike Challenge!  This will be the first game jam-like I’ve done in a while, and true to the spirit… Read More


In last week’s grep blog I linked to a post on @gamasutra about algorithms for generating interesting mazes.  This weekend I was feeling inspired to finally get into some procgen coding, and I ended up creating a little… Read More

that great ui in the sky


Yesterday I finished laying the groundwork for the core systems in my new game project! I have a state machine that manages basic application flow, spawns the environment, the player, and the camera into the scene, then resets… Read More