grep ‐‐week 52

The theme this week is:  null sweat chummers, see you next year. CD Projekt Red receives grant for procgen research @wccftech The lo(ooooooo)ng awaited Cyberpunk 2077 maybe just got a boost towards actual existence, as CDPR takes in… Read More

grep ‐‐week 49

The theme this week is: building momentum. “As developers try to tell stories beyond the theme of ‘survival’, they’re bucking up against an increasingly archaic central mechanic.” –Lucy O’Brien Are guns in video games holding the medium back?… Read More

grep ‐‐week 48

The theme this week is: back to normal. The Extremely Strange World of Infinite Dungeon Video Games @atlasobscura The headline doesn’t really pay off in this article that turns out to mostly be about promoting some guy’s art… Read More

grep ‐‐week 47

I’ve been noticing a trend on game news sites and blogs in the last few months.  There is a growing movement of vocal critics of the state of the industry, which is very encouraging.  From AAA to indie… Read More

grep ‐‐week 46

The theme of this week’s grep is: catching up. Procedural Generation, and the problem of Player Perception @gamasutra This is really more about UX than procgen, but he’s trying to get players to explore his procedurally generated spaces… Read More