mechanical meaning

No grep this week.  How about some incoherent ramblings instead? So I’m still catching up on this whole debate re: ‘what is a game,’ as I’m trawling through these threads. As I play more of these ‘personal games,’… Read More

write what you know

I am writer of code.  I am not a writer of literature.  Once I wrote and illustrated a piece of underwater adventure fiction — I was in 2nd grade and my teacher pinned it to the hallway wall… Read More

authored content

Following up on the endless rhetoric re: No Man’s Sky and procgen’s place in the game design ecosystem, this week’s grep blog stumbled upon this quote from a call to make a Spore 2 sequel: “Yet the sum… Read More

where to begin?

Over the weekend I started hacking up the framework to my new Unity project, which is always a fun place to be.  I’ve built the core to many game systems, and the early days are full of possibilities. … Read More

procedural metaphor

I was cleaning up my dev archive and looking through some old idea files today, and I found a note labeled ‘procgen.txt’ from a few years ago.  It had some provocative quotes from a talk that Brian Eno… Read More