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From January 2009 to early 2010 I developed games for Koolhaus Games in Vancouver, Canada, shipping titles for DS, Wii, and iPhone.

At Koolhaus we truly worked in the game development trenches on the front lines. Even while working our butts off completing contracts for major publishers, we managed to internally develop awesome original IP and keep the dream alive. Some of those projects never saw the light of day, but we're proud of them anyways.

One game that did survive is Imp: Surf The Music, a completely original game available now on the App Store. Imp puts a new twist (literally!) on the music-game genre and was uniquely designed for the iPhone hardware, utilizing motion-based input and 3D graphics.

With Big League Sports: Summer for the Nintendo DS I went back to my roots designing and programming original touch-based mini-games. I also assisted in the development of the Wii SKU, which used a ported version of the pinball mini-game I designed for the DS version.

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