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(1998, 1999)

Incredible Technologies

At 19 years old I was offered my first shot at professional game programming by Incredible Technologies, the largest designer and manufacturer of coin-operated video games in the United States. As a noob I was always learning on the job, but with my ability to learn quickly and think on my toes I fit in well with the extraordinary group of innovative developers around me.

AMOA Innovator Award (2004)
Golden Tee is IT's flagship franchise and the most successful coin-operated amusement game in history. I was part of a small team tasked with architecting the next-generation arcade platform for Golden Tee with enhanced 3D graphics and wireless networking.

I am quoted describing some of my work on this game, including my custom 3ds Max particle system design tool, in the book "Deconstructing Golden Tee Live" by Joe Kraynak. Click here to see scans from the book.

Play Meter Magazine's
Game of the Year (2005)
Silver Strike Bowling runs on the same custom Linux operating system that our team architected for Golden Tee Live. I was also responsible for maintaining custom 3ds Max tools on this project.

My first programming job in the game industry was to design and program games for the Touch-IT countertop touchscreen platform. Click here to see an article about Touch-IT from Vending Times magazine.

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