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The theme of this week’s grep is: phoning it in. Sid Meier’s Psychology of Game Design @GDCvault Lots of great stuff in this video, but most relevant here is the part about the psychology of random number generators:… Read More

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Following up on the endless rhetoric re: No Man’s Sky and procgen’s place in the game design ecosystem, this week’s grep blog stumbled upon this quote from a call to make a Spore 2 sequel: “Yet the sum… Read More

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This week in procedural generation… It’s Time For Spore 2 @rockpapershotgun “Yet the sum is more than the parts, mostly due to the ability to subscribe to curated lists of creatures created by other users. Tick a few… Read More


In last week’s grep blog I linked to a post on @gamasutra about algorithms for generating interesting mazes.  This weekend I was feeling inspired to finally get into some procgen coding, and I ended up creating a little… Read More

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Your weekly news aggregator… John Carmack says VR devs are “coasting on novelty” “Find old-timers, anybody that worked on an Xbox or an original Gamecube or something like that, and tell them your minimum clock speed is… Read More