time becomes a loop

Wow, time moves quickly when you’ve got a toddler.  You blink and all of a sudden it’s 7DRL again and you realize you haven’t blogged in a year. (On the bright side, I guess this obligatory ‘wow I… Read More

mechanical meaning

No grep this week.  How about some incoherent ramblings instead? So I’m still catching up on this whole debate re: ‘what is a game,’ as I’m trawling through these threads. As I play more of these ‘personal games,’… Read More

write what you know

I am writer of code.  I am not a writer of literature.  Once I wrote and illustrated a piece of underwater adventure fiction — I was in 2nd grade and my teacher pinned it to the hallway wall… Read More


The whole genesis of this blog came from my sudden desire to build a roguelike game.  Well, maybe that’s not quite right; it really started back when I first played Shadowrun on Sega Genesis (see what I did… Read More

why roguelike?

I grew up with video games.  My dad sold pinball machines and arcade games in the 80s and 90s, and I was regularly exposed to game developers who’s names are now legendary.  As such, I was spoiled with… Read More