The 7DRL challenge is halfway over.  It’s always difficult to find enough time to work on a project like this, but I’ve made some nice progress: It turns out that I had all kinds of useful working bits… Read More

anecdote: rules of fashion

Whether we realize it or not, we live in a rule-based society.  There are social norms that everyone is expected to play by.  Video games rarely leave the realms of war or fantasy — places where we can… Read More

anecdote: changing the rules

The player explores the world and makes a discovery that has profound consequences: it might challenge the beliefs of every NPC, alter the simulated course of history, or modify core rules of the game. You wonder what the… Read More

anecdote: learning the rules

I’m beginning to experiment with game design via anecdote.  The idea is to tell a quick story told from the point of view of the player that helps to describe the features that might exist in a game…. Read More